Veteran actor Om Puri isn’t known for his political correctness and on Monday sparked outrage with some insensitive statements about a BSF personnel who had just been killed in a terror strike in Baramulla. 

So what did the actor say in the course of the debate?

  • The actor said that India -Pakistan shouldn’t become like Israel and Palestine, because it was not just about the division of land, but also a breaking up of families who have relatives on either side of the border. 
  • He said that he would continue to work with his Pakistani counterparts while they are in our country with valid visas. “Main kaam karunga main mazdoor aadmi hoon. Sarkar se kahiye unka visa cancel kare (Why shouldn’t I work? Tell government to cancel their visas),” he said. 
  • Puri said he was proud to have worked with Pakistani artists. He also pointed out that his father was in the Indian Army. 
  • But what sparked outrage was his statement on the BSF jawaan killed in the Baramulla attack. When asked about why Bollywood is skeptical of banning artists of that nation despite the attack, Puri retorted, “Hann toh ? Humne force kiya tha ki fauj mein jao?”( So what? Did we force him to go to the army? ).
  • But frustrated with the debate Puri ended by telling a panellist from the MNS: “Aap yahan hindustaan mein 20-25 jitne bhi log tayaar kar sakte hai jo shareer par bomb laga kar Pakistan mein jaa kar kuch udaa kar sakte hain toh unhe tyaar kar dijiye ” ( You find 20-25 people who are prepared to put bombs on their bodies and can blow themselves up).

Watch the entire debate here:

Expectedly after the debate, Twitter lashed out at the actor, including his colleague Anupam Kher :