There is not shortcut to success. That is one hell of a cliche but damn if it ain’t true. Just to prove that to you, we compiled a list of some of the most popular actors of our time and found out where they made their not so famous debuts. 

1. Michael B. Jordan might be bursting your ovaries as Killmonger and Creed but before all that, he got his start as a 14-year-old on The Wire


2. Seth Rogen might have gone from being a comedy genius to producing shows like The Boys and Preacher to starting a weed company but he got his start on cult teenage show Freaks and Geeks

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3. The legendary Johnny Depp has starred in some of the greatest movies of all time. But he got his start as an undercover teenage cop on 21 Jump Street


4. Before he was busy looking like a Disney prince and killing monsters on Supernatural, Jensen Ackles starred on The Days of Our Lives


5. Henry Cavill has stolen the hearts and minds of people as Superman and Geralt of Rivia. Some people even want to see him as James Bond. But before he got beefier, he was a rosy cheeked devil in 2001’s Laguna


6. Before Jennifer Lawrence was winning Oscars, she was portraying teenager Lauren Pearson on The Bill Engvall Show.

7. Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the most recognisable faces on this planet thanks to his roles as Sherlock and Doctor Strange. But he too started his career in a little British dramedy Fortysomething

8. Matthew McConaughey is a gift from God. I ain’t lying. It’s written in the scriptures. But before the McConaughssance happened, he was busy playing a little role on a little show called Unsolved Mysteries. 

9. Before he got buff and generated a legion of fans as Captain America, Chris Evans was on a shortlived series called Opposite Sex.

10. Band of Brothers was a pretty popular show and you can still catch it on Hotstar these days and it is where our legendary anti-hero, Magneto aka Michael Fassbender made his debut. 

11. Even the badass Tom Hardy made his debut alongside Fassbender on Band of Brothers

12. Even the amazing Amy Adams was part of a little show before she became this acclaimed actor with an IMDb page most people would lose a hand to get. That little show was called The Office

13. Before Jennifer Garner got insanely successfull with films like 13 Going on 30, Pearl Harbor, and Dallas Buyers Club, she got to do a lot of action sequences and wear cool wigs on Alias

14. You guys most definitely know this but we cannot have a list like this without mentioning Shah Rukh Khan and Fauji

15. Even the late great Irrfan Khan started his career with a little role in DD National’s Chandrakanta.

We all have to start somewhere, right?