We’re constantly surrounded by unrealistic beauty standards and it’s not very easy to ignore them. But there are some celebrities who’ve shown us that the beauty stereotypes that people often associate with staying ‘forever young’ are flawed. They’ve smashed these stereotypes and embraced everything that comes with growing old.

These are some actors and influencers who’ve not only flaunted their greys but also made them a fashion statement:

1. Dimple Kapadia has talked about how it’s empowering to stop hiding the greys and she’s proven that by showing them off on-screen.

Telly Chakkar

2. Niyati, Dilip Joshi’s daughter sported grey hair at her wedding and smashed a lot of stereotypes.

3. Ratna Pathak Shah is a queen for teaching us that you can be a star with your greys as well.

The Quint

4. Akshay Kumar kept his hair and beard in their natural look and flaunted them well during the lockdown.

5. Neha Dhupia calls her grey lock of hair a lucky charm and we’ve got our lesson on how to love ourselves.

6. We cannot deny that we loved this look on Arjun Rampal, maybe even more than we love his other looks.

7. Milind Usha Soman has been flaunting his greys for a long time now and let’s just say, he’s great at it.

8. Seema Anand, who’s a Kama Sutra Expert has embraced her look and we love it too, just as much as her content.

9. Anjana is a blogger who aims at embracing and making people feel more comfortable about their natural grey hair.

10. Sameera Reddy has talked about breaking the unreal standards of beauty, and flaunting her grey hair.

11. When Ajay Devgn casually posted his natural look while letting the greys be, we couldn’t help but love it.

12. Lara Dutta didn’t shy away from pointing out her greys and taught us a thing or two on embracing our true selves.

13. Virat Kohli’s salt and pepper look for the beard was a reminder to do what feels good.

14. Hrithik Roshan too made us realise that being ourselves is charming in itself.

15. We love the way Nafisa Ali owns her look. And she does it with style.

A silver lining, afterall.