Obviously, not everyone is automatically good at the things they do in the beginning. And this thread by redditors discussing Bollywood actors who may not have been as great at their craft in the beginning is a good reminder that it takes work and time to get there. Plus it’s always an applause-worthy moment when someone shows major improvement in mastering their work.

So, here take a look at what people have shared about this:

1. “Saif Ali Khan, he was that good looking Nepo kid who couldn’t act and had an annoying dialogue delivery. In the 2000s he transformed into one of the most versatile actors in the industry.

Emraan Hashmi, he was just terrible in the initial phase and got in the game after Awarapan and Jannat.”


2.”Ladies who went from ‘What Even to Whoa!’

1. Karisma Kapoor

2. Urmilla Matondkar

3. Priyanka Chopra

4. Alia Bhatt

Men who have gotten better with time:

1.Akshaye Khanna

2.Ronit Roy

3.Abhishek Bachchan”


3. “Ajay Devgan – his acting skills really matured with the years.”


4. “This sub’s favourite, Alia Bhatt. She was terrible in SOTY.”


5. “Ranbir Kapoor was pretty meh in Saawariya. He has become a fantastic actor over the years!”


6. “Kareena Kapoor, she was intolerable during her first few films. She has been fantastic for a couple of years now. The only thing is, she is too lazy to go out and experiment.”


7. “Lord Bobby, Karisma Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor.”


8. “Not Bollywood – But definitely, Ram Charan.”


9. “Aishwarya Rai couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag until Devdas.”

10. “Kriti Sanon and Kiara Advani.”


Well, some opinions seem a little harsh but overall, we do agree with most of these answers.