It’s easy to believe that all celebrities do is get paid to look good. But TBH a lot of work goes into the roles that actors play. 

They’ve to look the part of the character they play, whether that’s by achieving the kind of body that fits the bill, or by wearing makeup, prosthetics and costumes that make for a believable character. So, here are 15 celebs who found their costumes difficult to handle.  

1. Tom Holland 

Tom Holland has been playing the role of Spider Man since 2016. And apparently, Spider Man’s costume is covered head-to-toe, even his hands are fully covered! The actor has often had to drink beverages by inserting a straw into his suit without removing it. 

2. Michelle Pfeiffer

To get dressed for her Catwoman costume, Michelle Pfeiffer mentioned that she had to be covered in talcum powder to slip into it,  be vacuum-packed inside it, and then finally be silicon painted over it. Phew! That is a lot of work. Plus, that vacuum packing sounds suffocating AF. 

3. Kevin Peter Hall

The late actor played the role of an alien in the 1987 film The Predator. In fact, he was the predator. In a behind-the-scenes video, the creator of the character pointed out how difficult it was to maneuver in the costume. Thankfully, it had a removable head piece that made things easier.  

4. Olivia Newton John

Apparently, Olivia Newton John had to be sewn into the iconic spandex pants that she wore for the film Grease! 


5. Paul Bettany 

It took Avengers’ star Paul Bettany several hours to get ready for the shoot everyday, plus, he’s spoken about how much his head hurt while wearing that suit. 

6. Margot Robbie

While talking about her role as Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie had mentioned how she couldn’t even enjoy eating a burger because of how tight her shorts were. 


7. Oscar Isaac

Apocalypse’s costume in X-Men was multilayered, and often caused Oscar Isaac to become super hot underneath it. So much so, that chilled water would have to be piped into the suit to cool him down. 

Twitter/ thenerdstash

8. Malin Akerman

For her role as Silver Spectre in Watchmen, the actor had to wear latex suit, with a corset to cinch in her waist so that her shoulders looked broader.  The actor has said that the suit was so tight she couldn’t even bend her arms or legs properly. 


9. Anne Hathaway

As we all know, Anne Hathaway played the role of Catwoman in the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises. While everyone was praising the actor for the fitness routine she followed to prepare for the role, she had admitted that the costume was a ‘psychological terrorist.’

Twitter/ /bat_source

10. Chadwick Boseman

While everyone was displaying major fan behavior for Black Panther and his costume, Chadwick Boseman discussed the reality of how unbearably hot it was to stay in. 


11. Christian Bale

While playing Batman, Christian Bale admitted to almost fainting because of how suffocating the costume was!


12. Amitabh Bachchan 

For his roles in films such as Thugs Of Hindostan and Paa, the actor expressed the toll wearing heavy costumes and prosthetics took on him. For the former, he even had to be under medical care due to serious neck and back pain that the costume caused. And for Paa, he spoke about how tiring it got wearing the prosthetics. 


13. Deepika Padukone 

For Padmaavat, Deepika Padukone had to wear excruciatingly heavy lehengas. During a promotional event, she mentioned how she would notice back ache or bruises once her shoot ended. 


14. Vivek Oberoi 

Vivek Oberoi played the role of Kaal in the film Krrish 3. Apparently, his metal costume weighed 28kgs, and he was working under the sun for lengthy hours with it on, which of course was not an easy task. 


15. Aishwarya Rai 

For Jodha Akbar, Aishwarya Rai wore extremely heavy lehengas along with equally heavy jewellery pieces, so it’s understandable that she felt exhausted by those costumes. 


But what would have the audience done without these iconic roles?