Sometimes, when we watch films, we are very specifically told who the bad guy is. And on most days, we accept that. But today is not one of those days. Today we look back at some of the classics of our time and see who the true villains of these stories are. 

1. Shanaya in Student of the Year cheated on her boyfriend with his best friend. 

If your partner’s a crappy person, break up with him. Don’t go about making out with his best friend! It’s not that tough!

Times of India

2. Phunshuk Wangdu from 3 Idiots made his best friend drop out of college right before the last exam. 

Sure, all that gyaan about chasing brilliance and not careers is good, but what did Wangdu actually have to lose? He was going to become a scientist either way. Meanwhile, poor Raju tried to kill himself and Farhan dropped out during the last semester! He could have finished the course and then followed his dreams but no, Baba Ranchhodas had other ideas. 


3. Geet in Jab We Met ran away from home to get married to a guy who had no idea about said marriage. 

You can’t just run off to get married if your boyfriend doesn’t even know about said marriage. The dude was chilling at his cafe at some hillside and Geet just dropped a bomb on him. And when he returned for her, she went out and married the millionaire of her choice!

News Nation

4. Anjali Jr. from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai just needed to go to school and not find hookups for her fuckboi father. 

Prem was engaged to be married to Anjali Sr., who he was in love with. And she was in love with him. And then came this 8-year-old who emotionally blackmailed his fiance into falling in love with a fuckboi from college who rejected her because she didn’t fit into his standard of beauty. But now that she wears a saree, she’s pretty again. FML!


5. Raja Puran Singh in Lagaan could have eaten that Tandoori chicken and nobody would have had to pay taxes. 

The king didn’t want to eat non-veg food. That’s how it all started. I mean, sure, the Brits were real a-holes! But god damn, dude, you’re the king. Eat the chicken and your subjects could be spared! But nope!

Book My Show

6. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss from Game Of Thrones needed not to forget that Dany was a good person who saved millions. 

Oh, you know I am right. What a spectacular fuck up it must have been to be able to manage to screw up the best TV show of all time. 

Film Daily

7. The Jedi Council from the Star Wars franchise should have just trusted the man who single-handedly won them the Clone Wars. 

First of all, these people recruit kids into a cult and manipulate them into giving up their chance at life so they can serve some greater good! That sounds sick. Also, they denied Anakin Skywalker the position of a master because they didn’t trust him. Really? He’s the prophecised ‘chosen one’, and he won you the Clone Wars but nope!

Coffee With Kenobi

8. Odin fromThor trilogy should have been a better dad. 

None of the Thor movies would have even existed if Odin wasn’t a crappy parent. Imagine, your kids are Hela, Thor and Loki. All of them are powerful in their own right. Now imagine them having good parents instead of the lying scheming Odin who treated each of them harshly at different points in their lives, pushing them towards a darker path. 

MCU Wiki

9. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes from Captain America: Civil War beat on poor Tony Stark after they found out that Bucky had murdered his parents. 

Let me put it this way. Two 100-year-old supersoldiers beat up Tony Stark because the latter was feeling sad about the fact that one of them had murdered his parents in cold blood!


10. Tony Stark in Spider-Man: Homecoming did not even bother to take responsibility for all the crap the Avengers pulled on the streets of New York. 

Imagine you’re a blue-collar worker doing your daily job when the skies open and the mighty Avengers turn your street into a war zone. Your colleagues get hurt and your business is doomed because a government organisation funded by Stark takes over your contract and the Avengers just get to go home and eat shwarma. I mean, forgive the Vulture for being pissed at them. 

The Real Bits

11. Bernard The Butler in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy should have just told Harry that his dad was a nutcase. 

It took him 2 full movies to tell Harry that his dad was a mad scientist who got killed by his own blade. It would have saved Harry’s life and saved everyone else a lot of trouble!


12. Belle in Beauty & The Beast didn’t need to show off to an entire village, telling them how she was special for being able to read. 

Nothing justifies her being kidnapped by the beast and keep captive. But this is about something else. You see, Belle was such an egotistical know-it-all. She went around singing about how everyone else in the village was so ordinary and uneducated. Well, you can solve that problem, Belle. Teach them instead of mocking them. 


13. Professor X in Logan should have just let Wolverine buy that boat and retire. 

Firstly, Logan’s old and he’s still working his butt off day in and day out so that he can continue Charles’ treatment and eventually take him to a boat where they can live happily ever after. But no, Charles had to throw in some morality and emotional blackmail that not only got him murdered but Logan killed as well. And to think of it, they could have been sunbathing on an ocean somewhere. 

Cinema Blend

14. Zeus in Hercules, Clash of Titans, and every Greek movie, show or animation ever made should have been less of a creep. 

It is always, always and I can’t stress this enough, it’s always some shit Zeus’ had stirred up that started the war or whatever problem every other character went through. And it’s almost always because he just couldn’t keep it in his pants. 


15. Mufasa from The Lion King should have treated his own brother a little better. 

Why on Earth would you treat your own brother like trash? For those of you who are scientifically inclined, Scar’s black mane meant that he would have been more likely to lead the pride. But Mufasa not only treats him like an outsider but practically brags about how Simba would be king after him.

The Upcoming

16. T’Chaka from Black Panther should not have murdered his own brother. 

Again, you don’t go around murdering your own brother in cold blood and leave his young son to struggle on the streets of a racially segregated country! No wonder, Killmonger was pissed. 

MCU Wiki

17. Thakur from Sholay hired two people and manipulated them into killing themselves for him. 

Thakur might have called Gabbar a criminal but the sheer number of laws he broke just to spring Jay and Viru to do his bidding is quite something. Not to forget, he barely paid them and manipulated them into risking their lives for him. Jay even died during the whole process. 

Telly Chakkar

18. Sultan from Sultan was a misogynist pig who didn’t let his wife become an Olympian. 

What kind of a jackass asks his wife, who has trained all her life to represent her country in the Olympics to sit at home and be pregnant, while he takes all the glory and travels all over the world. Selfish prick!

Indian Express

19. Arjun and Manmohan Malhotra from Namastey London were both sexist, misogynistic people who manipulated Katrina Kaif into marrying someone she didn’t even want to.  

Katrina Kaif’s dad, who loves India but not so much that he would actually consider moving here, forcibly marries off his well-educated daughter with a good career to some random dude (Arjun) from his ancestral village. And then he follows her to the UK and ruins her actual relationship with someone she loved just because he was white!


20. Kundan from Raanjhanaa was a god damn creepy stalker. 

Not only does the film glorify stalking and other misogynistic behaviour, it also makes a martyr out of its actual villain. Yup, as a kid, Kundan threatened to kill himself if Zoya didn’t date him. And when she returned as an adult, he kept stalking her, harassing her, eventually getting her boyfriend killed and then gaslighting her. Not to forget, he also took over the political party that she had spent years cultivating!

Youth Ki Awaaz

Now you know who to hate.