Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na is one of the best new-age romances written in Bollywood. The characters were diverse, the storyline was light-hearted and cute. But if we’re being honest, the leads were anything but nice. Jai and Aditi were toxic AF, they ignored their friends and made everything about themselves. Their love story, their life, their problems, whereas the friends were just around to keep them happy and occupied when they were lonely. 

1. Aditi was so invested in Jai that she forgot about her own brother and lived in oblivion for years. How important can one boy be?

2. After throwing tantrums about not being able to turn up, these two ruined ‘Jigy’s surprise birthday party’ that he was really excited about. Where was this jealousy before? Not to mention, neither of them apologised for this behaviour. 

3. These two were bullies. They sang a song about how ‘Pappu’ couldn’t dance. And don’t justify it by saying it was in good humour, because they weren’t even friends with ‘Pappu’. 

4. They ignored all their friends, and even though the excuse would be that they were the main protagonists, they treated their friends like props. They had no idea that Bombs and Rotlu had feelings for them, proving that they were terrible. 

5. Not just Aditi, Jai has a habit of monopolising anyone he is interested in. From making the entire trip about him and Meghna, to ignoring all their friends and concentrating only on Aditi in the first half of the film, this boy had major attachment issues. 

Well, it was cute till we burst the bubble. 

All images are screenshots from the film on Netflix, unless mentioned otherwise.