If the week begins with a national holiday on Monday, trust those damned blues to smother your Tuesday. And as a result, Terrible Tuesday is followed by Woeful Wednesday, right? Not today!

Wondering why? We have Aditya Roy Kapoor to thank for it. With one smile, he can usher happiness into your life and with one look, he can brighten up your day. And this Wednesday is indeed special. Firstly, it’s Aditya’s birthday today and secondly, we have just the right treat for all his fans!

On his 31st birthday, here are 31 absolutely perfect pictures of Aditya Roy Kapoor to make you swoon all day long:

 1. It just takes one smile to brighten your day. Though we have many more lined up!

2. Pulling off that stubble in style!

3. Have you found your calling yet? Because this one is definitely mine.

4. Couldn’t you just spend days staring into his dreamy eyes?

5. The fastest way to sell out a gig!

6. His smile is literally shining!

7. Are you out of breath already?

8. Make him the face of Burberry. Now!

9. With eyes like these, you have us sold!

10. Don’t you hide that charming smile, Aditya. That’s pretty much what makes our day!

11. Heard of a damsel in distress? Here’s a dude in distress. And damn, he’s hot!

12. *Playing Tum Hi Ho on loop*

13. Gatecrashing the next event, whenever he’s dressed like this!

14. Geeky is the new sexy! 

15. Zipping it up? Please don’t!

16. Killing us with that gaze since forever!

17. May I take the seat next to him, please? 

18. This is it! Time for a breather.

19. How can you be so perfect? JUST HOW?

20. *updating my phone’s wallpaper*

21. Rocking that Afro like no one else can!

22. Bidding farewell to my morning blues forever!

23. You so cute, you so hot, you be everything everyone else is not!

24. #PerfectHairGoals, anyone?

25. We’ll have whatever he’s having!

26. His expression is so calming!

27. Why hasn’t the snow melted yet? Because we sure have! 

28. Do you feel the ray of sunshine coming into your life?

29. My day is now brighter than ever!

30. Red sure is the colour of love.

31. *faints*

It’s not easy to sit and compile a list of 31 photographs when each one of them leaves you speechless.

Thank God for bestowing the world with such perfection!  

All images have been sourced from Pinterest