Puppies are literally the most beautiful gift of God to mankind. When I was a child all I ever wished for was a box full of puppies as a gift. Even though that dream is still unfulfilled, puppies make me smile anytime, any day. And why wouldn’t they? They are beautiful, amazing, little bundles of joy who can make you theirs instantly.

So here are some of the most adorable puppies from around the world to make your Monday suck just a little bit less.

“What do you mean we have to get out of the car?”

“Is that food?”

“I am waiting for my human to come back and feed me.”

“That’s my bag!”

“What if my entire purpose in life is to be cute?”

“Some more time outside, Mommy? Please?”

“Safety always comes first. My hoomin taught me that.”

“Did you hear? I’m a good boy!”

“Oh, what a sunny day!”


“Mom! We have some unknown guests!”

“Being cute is so tiring!”

“I rock this look!”

“Mom’s car is so comfy!”

“Can I please fetch that ball? Please?”

“Oh, stop it! Stop admiring me!”

“I love this new toy! Thank you.” 

“You call this food?”

“Do you think Dad knows we’re all out here?”

“I got a cute butt and I can not lie.”

“I look dapper!”

“Isn’t my smile just the best?”

“I am gonna catch that ball! I am gonna, I am gonna, I am gonna!”

“How you doin’?”

“Did someone call for me?”