The lockdown has us looking for human companionship and conversations wherever we can. Be it Siri, Alexa or Google Home, as long as they can talk back and keep away the boredom. 

We’ve all had full-fledged conversation with Alexa but nobody has done it the way Diljit Dosanjh did. The singer had a full-blown hilarious argument with Alexa on his Insta live and Twitter can’t stop sharing it. 

Diljit can be seen asking Alexa to play his recent song from G.O.A.T. But Alexa being Alexa, can barely understand his accent and gets it wrong multiple times, Chal jhuti! Obviously the video has gone viral and we can’t stop gushing over how adorable Diljit looks having an animated conversation with Alexa. 

She finally played the song! “O man gi oye! Ae mera dimaag khaagi dekh.”

Diljit Dosanjh, with a spoon in his hand, making a berry smoothie and fighting with Alexa is the video we didn’t know we needed.