Recently, actor Payal Ghosh accused director Anurag Kashyap of sexually assaulting her, when she met him for a film role. 

While Kangana Ranaut lent her support to Ghosh, Anurag Kashyap denied the allegations, claiming that this was a blatant attempt to silence him. 

Zee News

And now actor Kalki Kanmani, who has worked with Anurag in the past and is also his ex-wife, took to social media to lend her support to the director. 

India Today

In a letter addressed to Anurag, Kalki asked him to not let the ‘social media circus’ get to him, but rather, hold on to his dignity and stay strong. She also added that he had always treated her an equal in both, personal and professional space. 


Kalki is not the first one to speak in favour of Anurag. Ever since the allegations came out, various people, including Anurag’s first ex-wife, editor Aarti Bajaj, producer Guneet Monga, and actor Taapsee Pannu, have supported the director. 


Currently, NCW has asked Payal Ghosh to submit a formal written complaint, while Kashyap’s lawyer has released a statement that they will be pursuing legal action.