Remember the tiny Gia from Kal Ho Naa Ho? Oh, the Karishma from Karishma from Karishma?

Miss Malini

Right, her name is Jhanak Shukla and she is 25 now (yes, you’re old, we are all old). Jhanak, who had an amazing start to her career with a movie starring Shah Rukh Khan and a hit TV show, soon took a break from acting and is now an archeologist. 

In an interview given to Brut India, she said that her retirement started at the early age of 15-16, because she had already worked so much by that point. 

She says she now makes soaps, chills and wants to settle in New Zealand for a quiet life. 

Jhanak was a very popular child actor from 2003 to 2006, the time in which she also starred in Son Pari as Princy. 

However, she admits that it got too much to handle and that she lost a part of her childhood despite being in school and doing her homework like other kids. 


She says that when she was younger, she used to think she will be settled by the time she turns 25. But now, she just wants to explore her options. 

An extrovert as a child, Jhanak says that she has now become much more reserved and would not have enjoyed being an actor as that would have prohibited from doing simple things like walking on the road. 

She also points out that her parents are very supportive and want her to figure out what makes her happy. 

Jhanak is a history lover and the founder of Roomaal, an online soap shop. We wish her the best with whatever she chooses to do.