What happens when your commitment-phobic ass is really attracted to someone but is also forced to follow social distancing? You flirt, sext and all but can’t physically touch them? No, this is not a personal attack on your quarantine love life, it is actually the plot of Netflix’s new lusty reality show, Too Hot To Handle.


10 really attractive, sexually active participants who love swiping right are thrown into a beautiful, romantic and isolated love island where they build cozy bonds with each other and fight for their love. Sounds a bit of a cliche right?  


But, the plot twist is that these contestants are not allowed to have any physical contact. They can’t kiss each other or indulge in sexual activities of any kind on this love retreat. And if they do, they get a step closer to losing the competition.    

TV Line

And anytime a couple tries to sneak in and hook up, there are consequences. Money will be deducted from their accounts. So it’s literally like a sexual rehabilitation center.   

In Touch Weekly

But how does anyone have or find that level of will power and self-control to resist, when you’re living with such good looking people? 

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There is also an omnipresent Alexa like device called Lana. And it has implied that cash prize of $100,000 completely depends on these contestant’s efforts to sustain celibacy amidst the rising sexual tension.    


Well even though Lana means well and wants the contestants to have a deeper understanding of their feelings, we love the drama which is created by this sexual tension 

Screen Rant

I mean if I had a penny for not making a sexual move on someone or try to hook up with someone I’m attracted to during this lockdown, I would be damn rich.   

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I mean this show is literally like the love child of Splitsvilla and Bigg Boss. As if the Splitsvilla contestants were made to stay in Bigg Boss’s house.

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Like this show is like a set of Indian parents who are trying very hard to knock some sanskaar in their sexually active kids

Feeling The Vibe

Like I don’t know about y’all but this show literally feels like a representation of my quarantine sex-life. 

Feeling the vibe

Wait a minute, is it possible that this show predicted social distancing way before it became our entire life. 

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Well, this sexual adventure is literally like the modern form of celibacy. So what will it be for the contestants? Giving in to their sexual desires or earning money? Click here to fin out.