A Telugu actress has filed a complaint against director Tammareddy Chalapathi Rao and actor Srujan Lokesh for allegedly attempting to rape her in a car. 

According to a report filed by The News Minute, the incident happened near Vijayawada while the actress was travelling to Bheemavaram from Hyderabad by car for a film shoot with both Chalapathi and Srujan. 

The actress has been quoted in the report as saying “They threw me in the backseat. To ensure that I don’t jump out of the car, they drove fast, but ended up smashing my vehicle against a lorry. That same night, I shared my location with some friends, who rushed here immediately. Following that, I have come to the police station to file a complaint.” 

Both the director and the actor have also reportedly been accused by the actress of threatening her over getting a police complaint against them. 

“They said what they did was wrong and apologised. Then, they said that if I talk about this, it is my career that will be spoiled. They blackmailed me and said that if I go to the police station and the media, I will not get another film in my career,” she said. “I want justice and hope that such people are punished by the law,” she said as per the report. 

While the director has already been taken into the custody, the actor is still absconding.