Getting scammed is never great… unless it’s Hansal Mehta scamming you into giving up your sleep for a gripping new series. 

Yes, Hansal Mehta, who gifted us Scam 1992, easily one of the finest Hindi web series to have released in recent times, is back with another installment of the ‘Scam series’. 

And this time around, the story is about the convicted Indian counterfeiter, Abdul Karim Telgi. 

DNA India

Abdul Karim Telgi was involved with printing counterfeit stamp paper in India. By the time the ‘Telgi scam’ finally came to light, he apparently had 350 people working for him, across 12 states. The total cost of the scam was allegedly more than ₹20,000 crores


Much like Scam 1992, this time around too the show is based on the book by the journalist who broke the scam when it originally took place. In this case, it’s based on journalist Sanjay Singh’s book, ‘Reporter Ki Diary’.

Applause Entertainment announced the project on Twitter, while also sharing that the show will stream on SonyLiv in 2022. And people were quick to share their excitement: 

Now that’s the kind of content we’re looking forward to!