If there’s anyone who has been constantly supporting the ones in need throughout the testing years of the pandemic, then it’s Sonu Sood. He stood up for people even when the government failed to do so. 

Sood Charity Foundation

From helping migrant workers reach home to setting up oxygen plants, this superhuman has gone to extreme lengths to make this world a better place, now more than ever.

In a step to celebrate the hero that Sonu is, a leading magazine has featured him on the cover page for their July issue. 

Although he’s been in the industry for so long, he’s finally getting a deserving place on the cover for his humanitarian work. 

But what we found even more adorable and heartwarming was Sonu’s reply to the cover. 


In his tweet, nostalgically, Sonu recalled his old days when he had just started out his journey from Ludhiana to Mumbai. It is then he bought the same magazine. 

Getty Images/ Independent

Now after so many years, he’s on the cover page of the magazine that he started out with. Life really does come in full circles. 

Needless to say, Twitter is in love with his reply. 

You can find his post here. 

This really makes you wonder if the ‘S’ in Sonu not only stands for superhero but also super-humble? 

Ah, Sonu Sood, ek hi dil hai kitni baar jeetoge?