Aamir Khan’s recently-released film, Laal Singh Chaddha, is receiving extreme reviews from critics and the audience, either they are really good or too bad. Majority of the people are taking their hatred on social media to the next level as they continue to boycott the movie.

A still from Laal Singh Chaddha

Amidst this, an incident of how an Indian Air Force veteran received heavy backlash for posting a positive review of Laal Singh Chaddha on LinkedIn has caught our attention. 

A Twitter user, @Hramblings, shared the screenshots of Wing Commander Amarjit Singh Bindra’s post in a thread about how a few netizens questioned his selection into Air Force just ‘coz he really liked the Aamir-starrer. So much so that trolls even called Bindra a “paid agent” of the actor.

Amarjit Singh Bindra’s Linkedin profile

“I wrote a simple post yesterday saying that I watched a movie & I liked it. I also recommended it for it’s entertainment value (sic),” Bindra wrote. “Till yesterday I thought that I am free to share my opinions. For the first time in my Life & first time on LinkedIn I got a taste of how hatred and prejudice makes people and their judgement blind (sic),” the veteran added.

A few evaluated technically about Army and selection in Army of a physically- challenged boy as portrayed in the movie.

-Amarjit Singh Bindra

Here’s what the now-deleted LinkedIn post reads:

Twitterati are sharing what they feel about this post:

So basically a soldier is your so called ‘HERO’ until and unless he is doing whatever u think is right and matches with your opinion but once his thoughts differ from yours, he becomes a hypocrite? WHAT A SHAME (sic)!


Wing Commander Amarjit Singh Bindra responded to the trolls by saying:

They forgot that in their zeal to prove themselves right, they abused, insulted, and tried to humiliate a fiercely proud real and living disabled air force veteran…

-Amarjit Singh Bindra

As per Wing Commander Amarjit Singh Bindra’s LinkedIn post, he is a military transition coach as well. Bindra has motivated more than 100 military officers into corporates over last 3-4 years. He completed 40 years of his service in Indian Air Force this year.

Meanwhile, coming back to Laal Singh Chaddha, Aamir Khan plays the role of an autistic man who gets selected into Indian Army. This has been widely criticised by a section of the audience. So much so that as per Hindustan Times, a Delhi-based lawyer, Vineet Jindal recently filed a complaint against the makers for “defaming” the army.

In the movie, the makers have depicted that a mentally challenged person was allowed to join Army to fight in the Kargil War. It is a well-known fact that the best army personnel were sent to fight the Kargil war and rigorously trained army personnel fought the war but the movie makers intentionally depicted the said situation to demoralise and defame the Indian Army.

-Vineet Jindal

Anyway, what do you think of a IAF veteran getting humiliated just ‘coz he liked Laal Singh Chaddha? A shame indeed. Isn’t it?