It’s not every day that you look at something Hollywood made and say we did it before. But this is one of those days. And no, it’s not Lord Bobby Deol pulling another rabbit out of those magnificent curls this time. Although I wish… This is getting off-topic. 


No, turns out our own Ajay Devgn also has similar powers. People have discovered an ancient movie of his called Jigar where he’s seen using weapons similar to Simu Liu in Shang-Chi.

It’s very similar to how the Ten Rings are used in Shang- Chi & The Legend Of Ten Rings


Here’s another example for your perusal. 

Now, look at Simu Liu. 

See what I mean. Devgn’s form is magnificent. You could actually mistake him as a character from the film! Someone actually made a really good attempt at mashing up the two films and personally, I can’t tell the difference.  

Check it out for yourself.

Well, people have been dubbing it, Shang-Chi & The Legend of Vimal Packets among other things. 

Christ, this is some hilarious shit!