Looks like everything Akshay Kumar is saying to promote his latest film Samrat Prithviraj is getting backfired on him. First, he requested fans not to spoil the movie for those who are yet to watch it, then he boasted about the 18 years of research that has gone into the making of the movie, and it again backfired.

People quickly started pointing out that 18 years ago, the lead actress of the movie, Manushi Chillar, was around 6-7 years old. The audience is already unhappy with the huge age difference in Bollywood, this tweet of Akshay’s just aggravated that debate.

Not just that, the movie is also facing criticism for its ending.

…and also for the acting.

Samrat Prithviraj is turning out to be more criticisms than praises for Akshay Kumar.

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