Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar may have done a lot of patriotic movies in the past but that has nothing to do with the fact that he holds a Canadian passport. 

The controversy around his citizenship has been bugging him for a while and Akki just came up with a new solution to this problem. 

Hindustan Times

After being harassed by a lot of netizens for claiming to be an Indian while having a different passport, Kumar said he has now applied for an Indian one. 

Explaining the reason behind this move at the 17th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, he said: 

I have now applied for the passport. I am an Indian and it hurts me that I am asked to prove that every time. My wife, my children are Indian. I pay my taxes here and my life is here.

Earlier during the event, Kumar responded to a question about him being targeted for his Canadian citizenship and said: 

There was a time when I had 14 flops in a row and I was wondering what to do. One of my closest friends who stays in Canada told me ‘come here and we will work together’. I started the process to get a Canadian passport because I felt my career was finished and I won’t get more work here. But my 15th film worked and I never looked back. I never thought of changing my passport.
Times of India

Twitter was divided with a set of people saluting Kumar for his contribution to the nation:

 :And others simply failing to believe his version of the passport controversy. 

Ranked as the world’s fourth highest paid actor, Akshay has been working in the Hindi film industry for over three decades.

His recent flicks include Housefull 4 and Mission Mangal