Forbes released the list of highest paid male actors around the world, yesterday and the only Indian to make the cut in the top 10 was Akshay Kumar. 

Akshay was placed 6th on the list, beating stars like Will Smith and Jackie Chan.

akshay kumar forbes top ten
Source: The Outlook

The website said that most of Akshay's earnings, which is $48 million, came from endorsements. To quote them:

Kumar is working on his first television series The End for Amazon Prime. Most of his money, though, comes from endorsement deals; he shills for everything from multivitamins to toilet cleaners.
akshay kumar forbes list
Source: India Today

Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock, enjoys the top spot, and was reported to have earned $87 million, thanks to a big collaboration with Netflix, among other things. 

dwayne the rock johnson
Source: Geo.TV

Meanwhile, the actor on the second place was Ryan Reynolds with the income of $71.5 million. He was followed by Mark Wahlberg with $58 million, Ben Affleck with $55 million and Vin Diesel with $54 million worth earnings.