Akshay Kumar loves doing biopics. Indians love watching biopics. 

Akshay Kumar loves doing Army movies. Indians love watching Army movies.

Combine these two and you get an Army biopic. However, there is a way to make things better, by adding another element everyone perpetually remains excited about – an Olympic medal.

You are smart, you know where I am going with this. A biopic on Neeraj Chopra that explores his career as an athlete and as an Army guy. 

Good news. We have the script ready. Someone on Reddit fleshed out the entire story and I have to say, it is something I can imagine being made very easily. To the point that producers might be searching for this person. Anyway, this is how it goes:

Then, a coach, played by Gajaraj Rao, spots the talent in the child and after many predictable difficulties, he starts training, and obviously, excels. 

That’s Akshay Kumar, who now has a job in the Army and a keen interest in Kiara Advani.

Akshay (Neeraj) goes to the war, comes back, and qualifies for the Olympics because there is literally nothing he cannot do. 

But, hurdles appear because they have to.

But, Akshay overcomes all of them to win gold for India. And it all ends well, with a Badshah song of course.

This script is so good, I think Akshay, Kiara, and Gajaraj Rao should keep their dates free. You can read the whole thing here: