Ali Sethi – the man responsible for churning out several soul-soothing tracks that provide comfort to our tired hearts. The singer often holds live music sessions on his social media handle and to be honest, it keeps getting better, each frickin’ time.

Earlier this week, SatyaPrem Ki Katha’s song, Pasoori Nu, sung by Arijit Singh, garnered controversy for remaking Pakistan Coke Studio and Ali Sethi’s iconic track, Pasoori

Amid the backlash, an old video of Ali Sethi singing Arijit Singh’s track, Aayat, during a live session resurfaced on the internet and went viral on social media.

In another live session, the singer proved that his voice is oh-so-amazing for both, new and iconic tracks. Ranjish Hi Sahi is not a song, it’s a whole emotion. Ali Sethi sang this legendary track in his soul-soothing voice after a fan requested him.

Now that, my friend, is called perfection.

Apart from blessing our feeds with his soulful voice, he also collaborated with actor-comedian Zakir Khan. The singer complimented him on his sakht launda bit. As the duo engaged in a fun banter, the singer later sang Mehdi Hassan’s Gulon Mein Rang Bhare for the comedian.

That was the best crossover, ever.

Ali Sethi and Shea Gill – the duo that gave us the iconic song, Pasoori, also came live together during a live session with Coke Studio. Ali Sethi revealed how Shea Gill was scared on their first recording day but she later ‘chamko-ed’ like a comet blazing in the sky. 

Apart from this, whenever the singer comes live, he sets a brilliant aura where several fans keep requesting him to sing their favorite songs and the singer tries and covers most of them.

And, all we want to do is to close our eyes and listen to his voice on a loop.

Now this is exactly why we are paying our internet bills!