Alia Bhatt’s public image has gone through a massive transformation, just like her filmography. She’s not the carefree bordering-on-silly kid anymore. Instead, she’s a smart, self assured 23-year-old, who is adulting pretty successfully. (Have you seen her gorgeous house yet?) Elle India spoke to the Udta Punjab actor about the lessons she learned after having spent four successful years in the film industry. The result was this candid interview where she talks about everything from heartbreak to solo travel. Excerpts:

Elle India

On heartbreak:

“I hate it when people tell you to try and distract yourself. That’s very lame. It is temporary. Nobody’s found a cure for heartbreak. If they had, the world would be a much happier place.” 

On her work ethics:

“I get my work ethic from Karan (Johar), who is still my mentor. He taught me how to create a happy atmosphere on set and the importance of respect. I also believe that punctuality takes you really far. People don’t realise that not being on time actually compromises the quality of your work.”

Elle India

On being there for her friends:

“I still feel a strong connection with friends I have known since the fourth standard. I have always believed that you can either be a really good girlfriend/boyfriend, or a really good best friend. You can’t be both. I think I’m an average girlfriend and a really good best friend.”

On solo travel:

“The minute you start enjoying your own company, there’s this peace that sets in. It can help you get through a heartbreak or a low time in your life. Earlier, I wanted people around me all the time, now that I’m constantly surrounded by people, I want alone time.”

On fighting the shamers:

“I make myself very clear when I feel someone’s making an unequal move or statement. I get upset and angry and have major arguments. (With this) an atmosphere gets created. People won’t do things or say things they generally would, and I think (change) begins like that. We’re kidding ourselves if we think slut-shaming is cool. The moment a girl has X number of boyfriends or relationships, it’s a problem. A boy can sleep around but girls cannot.”

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