If a movie ever happens to be made about my life, I want Alia Bhatt to play me. It’s not just because she’s popular. But in an industry that often sells on the star status of an actor more than talent, Alia breaks the stereotype by shining in every role she portrays on the silver screen. 

So when I happened to come across a BTS video online from the sets of Alia Bhatt’s recent project, I got excited to find out more about it. On reading up a little about the video, I learned that this is going to be the ‘lightest movie of the year’ which intrigued me even further. 

This brings me to wonder if it’s going to be another romantic comedy that the actress is working on. From the looks of it, the movie seems like a lot of fun. In the video, you can see people getting ready for a wedding that is to take place which automatically nudged my love for some filmy drama. 

And amid the celebrations and all the decorations, there sits Alia Bhatt in a gorgeous blush pink bridal lehenga looking like a queen. I must mention at this point that I had to pause the video to take in just how beautiful she looked as a bride, while also taking mental notes for my future wedding (Just in case I can successfully ask my crush out on a date!)

Anyway, as you continue watching the video, it’s revealed that Pinky (Alia) is getting married to Ravindra, played by the talented actor Pavail Gulati. The video soon leads us to the big twist, when Alia walks down the aisle with her bridesmaids. And just as she tries to put the garland around her groom’s neck, his friends lift him up.

And then Alia stares at him but instead of trying once again, she turns around and the video ends. This cliffhanger has really got me hanging and desperate to find out what happens next. 

Another interesting thing about the video is the song that plays in the background which is the famous track Udd Gaye by the artist Ritviz. 

If I had to guess what happens next, then I think Alia would walk away from the mandap leaving everyone shocked. But then how does it make this the ‘lightest movie of the year?’ Well, it’ll be tough but we have to wait until the movie releases on March 5th to find out.