We live in a world where every act of ours is judged by the people around us. Even when the world isn’t judging, we are somehow conditioned to be in a place which makes us vulnerable and mostly insecure. Failure is an unfortunate part of life, sometimes even necessary and we all have our own ways of dealing with it. Some seek solace with family or friends, some find comfort in food and some distract themselves with a holiday. However big our failures, we never have to deal with it in front of people, especially those who don’t even know who we are as people, right? Unfortunately, celebrities don’t have it so easy. 

They live a lavish and comfortable life, yes but there’s no denying that their failures are seen by the entire world. A film that fails to do well becomes a hot topic the next day and unlike us, celebs don’t even have the option of not talking about it. The constant threat of failing and being written off from the public puts every celebrity in a tight spot. 

Alia Bhatt in a recent interview spoke about how the film business makes celebrities vulnerable. 

We can’t disagree with her on this one. For every appearance, every film performance, every ad commercial that a celebrity does, he/she is judged by the world and even a minor mishap can result in millions trolling you. With the increasing popularity of social media, being a celebrity is getting tougher by the hour.

Our society puts a celebrity up on a pedestal but along with the perks that fame entails, comes added pressure of having and vocalising an opinion on various issues. 

A bad work week makes us hate the world. It makes us question the work that we do, the people around us and even makes us insecure about our own capabilities and that holds true for all. 

The nature of job for every individual might vary but for actors, Alia says, it’s a lonely profession. Even on the darkest of their days, they have to look lively in front of the camera.

With the glitz and glamour that comes with showbiz, a celebrity still has a family to look after, relationships that need nurturing and the work-life balance that has to be on point.


H/T: Mid Day & HT

Design credit: Utkarsh Tyagi