Tom Harper’s Heart Of Stone is hitting the theatres this weekend and needless to mention, we are all excited to see Alia Bhatt and Gal Gadot sharing the screen space in this action-packed movie.

The two actors, on several occasions, were seen sharing heart-lighted moments with each other and now, in a recent video, the desi actor was seen teaching her fellow co-star some words in Telugu.

Credits: Twitter

In an interview, both the actors, along with another lead from the upcoming movie, Jamie Dornan, were addressing some of the most searched questions about them. Later, a question popped up that read, ‘Does Alia Bhatt Speak Telugu?’

Credits: Twitter

The RRR actor revealed that she isn’t fluent in the language but knows some sentences. Then, she said “Andariki namaskaram, meeku naa muddulu” which translates to “Hello, everyone, my kisses to you all.” She then asked Gal Gadot to repeat it and the actor managed to say the first half of the sentence.

The female actors also encouraged Jamie Dornan to repeat the same. He, however, said that “I’ll just leave it to them”, making the actors chuckle.

Credits: Twitter

The heartwarming video has been garnering responses from all across social media.

Alia Bhatt would portray the role of an antagonist in Heart Of Stone for the first time in her career. Apart from that, this is also the first time that she’s doing an action movie. 

The movie, which also features Sophie Okonedo and Matthias Schweighofer, is scheduled to release on August 11, 2023.