If you were ever to catch a celebrity being honest and ask them about their opinion of the paparazzi, you would probably hear a lot of cuss words. So, in that spirit, let’s show you a few times celebrities actually fought with the paparazzi. 

1. Justin Bieber has had a history of getting into fights with the paparazzi. 

Biebs got all the fame in the world at a very young age, which meant paparazzi following him everywhere all the time. And while he has had many altercations, the one that stays with you is the time he punched someone. Justin had spent some time with Mike Tyson and well, it paid off. 


2. In 2007, a photographer found himself getting hit by a green umbrella courtesy of Britney Spears. 

Britney’s life in 2007 had become a public spectacle. So when the papparazi wouldn’t leave her alone, she would go on to assault a photographer with a green umbrella, which the photographer recently auctioned off on the 10 year anniversary of the event.


3. Before behaving like a weird scary ex, Kanye was getting into fights with the paparazzi. 

While there are multiple incidents of the musician taking on the paparazzi, we will leave you with the time he tried to snatch one their cameras. oh, I mean, he literally fought for the camera. 

4. Alec Baldwin has always been quite vocal about hating the paparazzi. 

To be fair, Alec Baldwin probably said something about hating his own daughter at one point but this, he seems to really mean it. I only say that because the actor has, on multiple occasions told the paparazzi as much and treated them with as much respect as you would a worm getting snarky at your table. 

5. Miley Cyrus is a brave woman with an astounding lack of f**ks to give. Except when she thinks you touched her mum. 

When a photographer tried to get some shots of Miley and her mom getting in their car, Miley thought the guy had touched her mother. So she grabbed the lens of his camera and just took off. 

6. Not sure why you would want to piss of Mike Tyson but this paparazzi guy did and paid the price. 

Tyson, too, has had some altercations with paparazzi trying to bother him. Only, in Tyson’s case, he was arrested after a photographer claimed that the boxer pushed him to the ground. 

7. Jaya Bachchan once basically schooled some photographers who referred to her daughter-in-law by her ‘nickname’

While asking Aishwarya to pose, paps were heard referring to to the actress as Aish, which did not go well with the Bachchan matriarch. 

Kya Aishwarya Aishwarya bula rahe ho, tumhare class mein padhti thi kya? 

-Jaya Bachchan


8. Salman Khan once lost his cool when he found a photographer blocking his way on to the Bigg Boss stage. 

Tera humesha se ye hain. Baaki kisi ka nahi hota hain tera hi hota hain. Tum logo ko is baarein me kuch karna padega. Tereko ek simple idea deta hu, tereko boht pareshani hoti hain na, mereko toh ban hi kar dena chaiye. You guy take care of this guy.

-Salman Khan.


9. During a visit to Shirdi before the release of his film Kites, Hrithik was followed by photographers who kept clicking him despite the actor’s insistence that they don’t. 

What followed was a physical altercation between the War actor and the photographers. 

10. Alia Bhatt used to be the butt of the joke for Page 3 media, who would use her appearance on Koffee With Karan as a reference point to insinuate that she’s stupid. Naturally, the actress didn’t take kindly to it. 

While she had appeared in a video parodying herself, random people asking her random GK questions at the red carpet, really ticked her off. So, she walked away before storming back in with GK questions of her own. She ended it with “Don’t ask if you don’t know, bro.”


For once, the celebrities don’t seem to be at fault.