You must have probably seen many lookalikes before. But after seeing this uncanny resemblance, you will keep rubbing your eyes. 

Meet Alina Rai, the lookalike of Katrina Kaif, who also aspires to be an actor. 

With more than 2K followers on Instagram, Alina is also verified by Instagram. She is an avid social media user & keeps posting reels & pictures on her Instagram handle.

Alina went viral for her resemblance with Katrina & netizens are going gaga about it. 

Speaking to Hindustan Times about this comparison, she said. 

I personally don’t see this. I believe that sometimes when it’s someone from the film industry, people when they see actors or models they aren’t familiar with, they see exactness or association with someone familiar and so they rid them of their originality or the independence of who they are… but with time I hope I can create my own mark and people will recognise me as myself and as Alina Rai and not a copy or anything like that because I actually don’t really resemble her so much. Neither my family sees it, nor my close friends see it. Maybe it’s something people see from a distance.

It all started with her Tik Tok videos, where she mimicked dialogues from Hindi films & garnered millions of views. 

Furthermore, there is more in common than just looks. Both of them are from London. Alina lived with her family & moved to India last year to try her luck with modelling and Bollywood.

Alina may soon make her debut with her Bollywood film called Lucknow Junction. She had shared the poster of the movie in February 2020. 

She was also seen in a music video with singer Badshah in December 2019, titled Kamaal.

Moreover, Alina wants to create her own identity & she adores Katrina. She further said. 

I mean I think she is amazing…she has established herself as a star in Bollywood. However, to be compared to someone is… I don’t really see it as a compliment or as an insult. I feel you should really make your own mark and your own shine. If you feel inferior under someone else’s shine, I feel like it’s not right. And I would like to hopefully be myself and for others to be seen as a role model and not to be compared to anyone else.

We wish Alina the best for her career ahead.