There was once a glorious decade that’s now lost somewhere in history. 

It was a simple yet glorious time. Technology was scarce and as a result, mortal lives didn’t revolve around it. In the name of entertainment, all we had were color TV, hefty stereos and real-life conversations. We grew on a varied diet including everything from David Dhawan films and Kumar Sanu songs. 

They called the decade, 90s, and all that is left of it now are some very fond memories. Speaking of memories, there’s a particular one that refuses to fade away.

The year was 1995 and one woman changed the face of Hindi music. Alisha Chinai’s album, Made In India, released and was an overnight hit.

We hadn’t heard or seen anything like this before. The phenomenal wave of indipop that swept the 90s began after the release of this album. 

Here was a woman sitting on a throne in a fairy-tale dreamland, looking for her Prince Charming. From Japan to Russia and Australia to America, she had wandered everywhere only to find ‘the one’ in India. 

Not only did this song give every 90s kid their very-first glimpse of Westernized music, it also pumped the self-esteem of every Indian man. Because now, there were women looking at Indian men in a different light altogether.


To be honest, a huge chunk of credit also goes to the dreamboat, better known as Milind Soman. The man was packaged and delivered to Alisha and that’s one courier-delivery many of us are still waiting for! 


There was just something about her voice that would intoxicate us within the first ten seconds of the song. 

From releasing her fair share of Indipop albums to lending her melodious voice to many leading ladies of Bollywood, Alisha made a place in all our hearts.

And how can we forget the greatest masala song of all times, Kajra Re?There is no doubt that the song was a spectacle worth cherishing. But it wouldn’t have been the same had Chinai not backed it up with her vocals.

Desi Rulez

Last we heard her magical voice was when she sang two songs for Krrish 3.  

The obsolete Indipop scene might’ve diminished the possibility of a solo album by the artist, but she still reigns our hearts and remains for every 90s kid, India’s very-own Madonna!