Hey there Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl Here! 

I know it’s been a while but sources have spilled the tea for a scandalous pattern amongst the Manhattan Elites. Almost all the characters from the class of 2009 from Constance Billiard have gone to play a murderer.

Whether it’s our lonely boy a.k.a Dan Humphrey or Queen B a.k.a Blair, they all have blood on their hands. Don’t believe us, take a look: 

1. Dan Humphrey became Joe Goldberg inYou 

Well, if you come to think about it, Dan turning into a stalker and a serial killer in You, didn’t come as a surprise to me. After all he did run a website where tracked and revealed the scandals of Manhattan’s elite. 

2. Blair Waldorf became Rebecca Evans inThe Roommate

Leighton Meester’s character in The Roommate is that of a friend who’s obsessed with her roommate and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do to get a smile on her roommate’s face, even if that means hurting people who are trying to get in between their relationship. That sounds a tad bit like our Queen B, doesn’t it? 

3. Serena Van Der Woodsen became Emily Nelson in A Simple Favour 

Remember the enigmatic blonde who has mastered the art of disappearing without leaving a trace in her killer wardrobe and doesn’t mind changing her name? Are we talking about Blake Lively the ‘It Girl’ from Gossip Girl or the soaring PR director Emily Nelson from A Simple Favor? Guess, we’ll never know. 

4. Chuck Bass became Kent Galloway in Wicked City 

Casanova Chuck Bass a.k.a Ed Westwick went on to play Kent Galloway, the serial killer from the ’80s. Did Ed’s character use his jawline to murder the victim? Because he’s killed us multiple times with his sharp jawline. 

5. Nate Archibald became Tex Watson in Charlie Says

Our O.G chocolate boy Chace Crawford was drenched in blood as he played Tex Watson from the Mason Family in the 2018 crime drama Charlie Says

Wait a minute, did we just discover that the class of 2009 from Constance Billiard have graduated to be serial killers? Well, all we can do is hope that these creepy patterns don’t pass on the new batch of Constance in the Gossip Girl reboot. 

H/T: Thanks, Cosmopolitan for bringing this to our attention.