In the wake of #MeToo movement, Alok Nath was accused of rape by ‘Tara’ Writer-Director, Vinta Nanda. Following her accusation, several other actresses, including Sandhya Mridul, also came forward to raise their voices, last year in October.

Now, he’s reportedly playing a judge in a film based on the #MeToo movement, according to Mumbai Mirror.


The film is titled ‘Main Bhi‘ and it deals with child molestation. He said that the film was shot a while ago-

I’m not doing any films at the moment. This was something I shot for a while ago. Is there a problem? You sound sad that I’m doing a film. It’s a puny role for poor producers, let it release.
Huffington Post

Actor, Khalid Siddiqui said that Alok Nath plays the role of a judge who’ll give a long speech at the end of the film rebuking sexual harassment. He said

The film deals with child molestation, a subject that hasn’t been tapped on screen often, particularly with regard to boys. My character, along with the other, are affected by incidents that change our lives. We hope the film starts a debate on the subject.

Netizens are calling out the farce of this casting and how it ‘mocks’ and ‘demeans’ the movement itself.

Following the allegations by Nanda, Mumbai Police lodged a complaint against Alok Nath and he was also expelled from the Cine and TV Artistes Association (CIN-TAA). However, later the Mumbai Court granted him leave on the grounds that Nanda did not remember ‘the date and month of the incident’ and that he might have been ‘falsely accused’ of rape.