Game of Thrones’ ending outright sucked, right? I mean, it was simply terrible. Ever since we got to see the series finale, a lot of us had been hoping that there was some alternate ending. People even got together and petitioned HBO to remake the last season. 

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Well, according to actor Kristofer Hivju, who played Tormund Giantsbane, an alternate ending to the series exists. 


In an interview with, the Norwegian actor said: 

We shot an alternative ending… That was mostly for fun, but I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you about that.
Making of Game of Thrones

He also talked about how surprised he was after finding out how it ends!

The funny thing is after Season 7, I had my theories, fans had theirs’, everybody, the cast had their theories, so there were thousands of theories… To choose one path would be difficult to say but there were many things I didn’t see coming; there was the element of surprise, which I liked.
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HBO, however, has denied the existence of any such alternate ending and suggested that the actor was only joking. 

All we can do now is hope that somewhere there exists an ending to the story that is worthy of it. One, that could make us feel like all those hours of binge-watching was worth it.