We’ve been looking forward to the second installment of Panchayat, just as most of us used to wait to visit our grandparents’ place during the summer breaks. The show has a similar feel to it.

The Amazon Prime Video dramedy series recently returned to screens, with the original characters bringing their old charm and some new faces bringing more flavour.

Set in the heart of a small Uttar Pradesh village Phulera, the series and the struggles of the characters remained relatable and real, much like the first season.

The slice-of-life series had situations that made us laugh and cry once again. Here are a couple of those scenes that we’ll cherish until the next season premiere.

Disclaimer: Spoilers Ahead. 

1. When the street dancer gives Abhishek a dose of reality.

Panchayat, a show that never shies away from capturing the spirit of rural life, also showcased the naach culture. After a turn of events, Abhishek meets one of the women from a local dancing troupe. Seeing the obvious disdain, and even lecherous way, in which people treat her, makes him ask her why she chose this profession, assuming she was compelled to take the job by fate.

However, while this may be true, the girl gives our Sachiv ji and the viewers some perspective by stating that everyone is driven by circumstances.

2. When Abhishek defends his friendship with the Pradhan.

In this season, a new character named Bhushan is brought to the forefront, whose primary mission appears to be to separate Abhishek and Brij Bhushan (Pradhan). Sachiv Ji ultimately stands up to his bully after a series of chance encounters and declares that he would not give up his friendships, no matter what. And the way he puts back the lauki in its place is still the series’ highlight.

3. When Pradhan Ji refuses to put up with the ladkewala‘s tantrums. 

While the show does a lot of things right, the scene when Pradhan Ji outrightly refuses to entertain belittling by his daughter’s future in-laws, has to be the finest this season. He anticipates their obnoxious behaviour will continue in the future, eventually hurting his own daughter. That is an aspect that so many parents overlook, and we are glad that this family did not.

4. When Rinky calls Abhishek to check on him. 

The small moments usually stay with us, and this was one of them. It said a lot without the characters saying much. After a rift between a Vidhayak and Abhishek, Rinky calls the latter to see how he is doing. The few seconds of conversation they had, left us rooting for the two characters.

5. When Pradhan Ji gives the Vidhayak a dose of his own medicine. 

Brij Bhushan realises that he failed to stand up for his friend in front of the Vidhayak last time. In an attempt to make amends he stands firmly against the rude and obnoxious man and rightly schools him. However, they are eventually escorted out of the house by his bodyguards. But that’s what you do for friends, right? 

6. When the show aptly highlights the fact about rural young men enlisting in the Army.

Before the last rites of Rahul, we see two officials discussing what prompts men from rural areas to enlist in the Army. The hard-hitting moment unveils a crude reality of our country in a matter of seconds. 

7. When the show brought home the hard-hitting reality of losing a family member, even if it’s for the nation. 

There is perhaps no greater sacrifice than giving your life for the nation. But, the show brilliantly highlighted how, the loss of a loved one, is still the loss of a loved one – no matter how you lose them. And when it’s the death of a child, grief and pain become your lifelong companions, irrespective of how the world may treat you. 

8. When Prahlad has to deal with the grief of losing his son. 

Unlike the last season, this time, the series ended on a rather sorrowful note. At the end of the season, Prahlad’s son, who is enlisted in the army, dies a martyr. And the single father is left to bear the grief of losing his son. You can’t stop yourself from shedding a tear in this episode. However, it’s how his friends, and almost the whole village, come to stand by his side in the tough times, that makes for a memorable, yet heartwrenching, ending shot. 

All images are screenshots from the show streaming on Amazon Prime Video.