We have been talking about the Ambani pre-wedding functions a lot because… you know why. It’s one of those things you cannot not talk about. Everything is just too happening. It’s almost like the events want to be talked about. And let’s just face it, you all want deets. However, when we do address these festivities it’s impossible to not mention the many artists who made them, quite literally, beautiful.

Ambani pre-wedding festivities

This definitely includes Rihanna, but so many Indian artists also took to the stage to do what they do so well. There’s a video of Vicky Kaushal vibing to Diljit, and we can relate. Then there was Lucky Ali singing O Sanam, and we loved every bit of it. However, we MUST talk about Shreya Ghoshal and Arijit Singh – because they made it all look like a live concert that we had been manifesting.


The verdict is that Rihanna may be excellent, and a global superstar. But when Shreya Ghoshal sings, it almost feels like that the world is healing itself. You get it? The internet clearly gets it.

We’d love to see the Ambanis getting more global artists, but that doesn’t mean we will be over our favourites anytime soon. Aakhir ghar toh ghar hota hai.