Priyanka Chopra has been going places. With her career graph growing by leaps and bounds, there’s no stopping her. She was recently crowned as the hottest woman in the world by Times Magazine and with her success, has managed to attract admirers from all over the world. 

One such ardent fan includes American comedy troupe, The Tenderloins’ member Brian “Q” Quinn who can’t stop praising the Indian beauty.

b’Priyanka Chopra |Source: PTI’

Recently in an email- interview with IANS, the troupe member expressed how awestruck he was with Priyanka and called her a ‘worldwide treasure’. He further said,

“Personally speaking, we will never be able to pay back India for gifting Priyanka to the world. She really is something special. Thank you, India. Thank you so much.”
b’Brian Q Quinn. |Source: twitterxc2xa0′

He also hoped to star opposite the beautiful actress in a Bollywood movie someday and was all praises for the historical culture of India.

The comedian also divulged details of his upcoming projects in the candid interview. Sharing his opinion on the comedy scene in India, he told IANS,

“We are just becoming aware of the burgeoning comedy industry in India. The best comedy comes from a specific view point, and there is no doubt that the Indian culture has it is own take on the world.So it’s going to be an exciting time for Indian comedy.