The Indian woman’s cricket team went up against England on Saturday (24th of September), and as we all know, Team India defeated England by 16 runs in the last ODI of the 3-match series. But that’s not the primary reason netizens are discussing the match. It’s Deepti Sharma Mankading Charlie Dean that has Twitterati really buzzing.

Deepti Sharma, mankading

It has people discussing the last time we witnessed a Mankading incident. Do you guys remember? It was in Lagaan! When Tipu went through Mankading at the hands of the British team. Well, the internet has come up with hilarious and witty ways to refer to the movie, in context of the real life incident taking place. Here, take a look:

Let’s not forget how England tried to sabotage the Indian team by also recruiting Lakha to betray his own people!

Seems like life really does come full circle (even if it involves a movie scene)!