The superstar has added another accolade to his impressive list of achievements by becoming the first Indian to have 20 million followers on Twitter. In a tweet that he numbered 2183, Big B thanked all his fans, and encouraged them to race to the 30-million mark. 

Since his debut role in Saat Hindustani till his recent role in Wazir, the actor has won the hearts of millions of people. His off-screen wit and patriotism on Twitter has won him a sizable following on Twitter too. . 

Check out some of Big B’s most popular tweets.

His enthusiasm has been contagious every time India has won a cricket match.  

No wonder he was on a high after singing the national anthem at Kolkata’s Eden Garden.

He loves tweeting moments shared with his co-stars.

The superhero has always appreciated off-screen heroes.

What’s social media without a few family moments? 

The superstar enjoys sharing words of wisdom…

…and usually has something witty to say.

He isn’t shy of correcting people too.

Let’s see how fast the superstar can now get 30 million fans. Good luck on that, sir!