You must have seen tonnes of deodorant, car, bike and even undergarment commercials that play on a certain fantasy. These advertisements almost always show men using the product and women instantly throwing themselves on them. This is not limited to just ad commercials, though, as a lot of mainstream films also use women just as the arm candy to the ‘hero’. These arm candies could be replaced in a second as long as they are women who can manage to ‘please the audience’ on screen because no one’s clearly looking at their acting skills.

This said objectification is often seen on magazine covers because how else is the photographer going to tell the readers that the ‘hero’ on the cover is desirable, right? Women HAVE to be throwing themselves on him!

Varun Dhawan’s abs are not enough for this cover. Let’s spoon feed the readers.

Abs or no abs, the story here is utterly clear. Women can’t help but look at Arjun Kapoor.

King Khan is sexy and still desired by women half his age. Message received.

And female models were so necessary for this cover because just!

But here comes the part that shocked us today. 

Amitabh Bachchan, who is definitely one of the most respected artists in the country, has somehow managed to join the list of such ‘heroes’.

Posing in his suave style with a fancy car and sorry to say this, but an arm candy whose face doesn’t even feature in the cover, Amitabh Bachchan’s latest magazine cover is shocking, to say the least. 


What is the photographer trying to convey here?

Was the magazine thinking that if you’re Amitabh Bachchan, twenty something girls don’t care about your age? Or were they thinking how do we show that one is a successful 73 year old man? Obviously, by making him pose with a young girl because that’s how we highlight his success.

The sad part is someone like him could have easily refused to do this.

Someone with a stature like Mr. Bachchan could have easily refused to pose this way. He’s definitely a role model for our society and it goes without saying that millions of people follow him. The girl in the picture is there just to be a prop along with the car for we can’t even see her face!

There can be no clearer definition of objectification.

Mr. Bachchan, we expected better!