If you’ve grown up in the ’90s, you can’t deny the impact MTV had on your life. Back in those days, there were no reality shows about bike rides and finding love. Instead, the channel was all about good music and even better VJs. 

These VJs were not just hosts for the shows. They were style icons and represented everything cool, back in that decade. And MTV turned all of them into overnight sensations. From Nikhil Chinappa and Malaika Arora to Maria Goretti, Shenaz Treasury and Cyrus Broacha, we all aspired to be like all of them. Some of them were funny and some were hot. Together, they were a totally awesome lot! 

For those of you who don’t know, before she became an actress, Amrita Arora too was a VJ with MTV. Seen on the shows Housefull and Chill Out, Amrita was first discovered on MTV before starting her film career. 

While loyal MTV fans always miss the golden days of the channel, looks like Amrita too was feeling nostalgic. Earlier today, she shared this picture on Instagram, from her days as a VJ:

You can spot Nikhil Chinappa and Maria Goretti-Warsi along with her and other VJs from those days. Isn’t the picture adorable?

We’re totally dreaming of the ’90s now. Aren’t you?