There are some soulful songs that are loved by everyone, no matter what age you are. One such song is Sham from the movie Aisha.    

Even after a decade since its release, Sham is pretty much that typical breezy song which you would want to listen to while chilling with your closest friends. It is one of those numbers that somehow is on everyone’s playlist just because no one really minds listening to its calming beats. 

Sung by Nikhil D’Souza and Amit Trivedi, this song is the perfect mixture of Indie meets Bollywood that makes anyone want to sway along with it. 

Moreover, Javed Akhtar’s genius penmanship about that billion-dollar silence between two people who like each other but never say a word is something that every person who has ever had a crush on someone would relate to. His words about living in the present and enjoying the moment makes you want to forget all your worries. 

It’s a love anthem that makes you want to just hold onto your significant other or just long for one and sing along with that acoustic guitar player in the group. 

You can listen to the song here :