When difficult situations arise, some people step up and really do the work to improve them. They help out in any way they can and by alleviating the crisis, make the world a better place. Anaik Sachdev, a 9-year-old has done just this. 


Anaik recently appeared as a guest on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show. Where he talked about the free library he’s started, Anaik’s Loving Library. One which the 9-year-old created for COVID patients to help ease them of the loneliness they feel while isolating. And he’s currently working towards getting donations for it while collaborating with an NGO called Circle to City. 


One of the cutest and most heartwarming things about Anaik’s work towards getting donations is how he uploads rap videos to get his viewers on board! But what’s even more endearing is the reason behind this mission of his. Anaik started the library when he saw his grandmother get diagnosed with COVID, he realized how much the patients needed emotional comfort! Though now, the little guy is also working towards gathering donations for homeless people. 

You can watch the clip right here. 

Here’s a clip of him performing a rap for his viewers.

Obviously tons of people commented on the video! Everyone was awestruck by how kind and generous this little guy is. 


We’re so glad that he took the initiative to start something so beautiful. Congratulations.