Earlier today, Sameer Raj Sippy announced that he will remake the 1971 classic Anand that was originally made by his grandfather N.C. Sippy.

It was also announced that currently, the script of the film is being written and the cast and the director are yet to be chosen.

For Raj Sippy, the remake is a way to tell the same story to the new generation. In an interview, he was quoted as saying.

Keeping in mind the sensibilities of the original film and the emotions attached, I feel the current generation needs to be re-told the many stories that are so relevant today, especially when there is a great appetite for good content.

It would not be wise to put the horse before the cart – the movie is yet to be made. However, Anand is a film that is timeless and the young generation relates to it as much as the older. That’s precisely the beauty of the film. 

So, the news of a remake has not gone down well with people. Here are some of the reactions to it.

The point isn’t even that whether the new film will be good or not. The point is that there was no need for it. The world of the original Anand, the characters, still work after all these years, so the energy, time, and money being invested could be used for fresh ideas. 

Don’t touch what’s sacred.