Kamaal R Khan is back to doing what he does best—rant on Twitter for no reason. This time (again) his target was veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, who chose to ignore him, unlike the last time when he gave a befitting reply. 

Yesterday, Kapoor had been tweeting on names of road and airports in India that are named after the Gandhi family. 

Here’s what he said. 

KRK being KRK couldn’t help but be annoying, and in a series of tweets he abused Rishi Kapoor in the worst way possible.

This is not the first time KRK has targetted Rishi Kapoor. Some time ago, when he had tweeted rubbish about the actor and called him a frustrated drunkard who takes out his disappointment on social media, this is how Kapoor had replied. 

Those series of tweets are now unavailable probably because Rishi Kapoor reported the matter to Twitter for the use of foul language. 

But dealing with an imbecile like KRK is like trying to test your own stupidity first-hand.