Andrew Garfield appeared as a guest on a recent episode of Steven Colbert’s late night show and while speaking about his role in the film Tick ,Tick… BOOM! he ended up talking about the unfortunate loss of his mother. 


In a particular part of the show, Colbert asked him how his work, doing films, shows and art helps him deal with his grief? To this, the actor had a beautiful response that left viewers across the world in tears. 

I love talking about it, by the way, so if I cry, it’s only a beautiful thing. This is all the unexpressed love right? The grief that will remain with us until we pass because we never get enough time with each other, right? No matter if someone lives till 60, 15 or 99. We never get enough time with each other, right? I hope this grief stays with me because it’s the unexpressed love that I never got to tell her. So for me, I was able to step into this in a way where I could honour this incredible life of Jonathan Larson. I got to sing Jonathan Larson’s unfinished song while simultaneously singing for my mother and her unfinished song. And I am indebted to John and I am indebted to Lin-Manuel Miranda. I am indebted to everyone who’s brought me to this place so I can honour the most beautiful person that I’ve ever experienced in my life through my art and use it as a way to heal, use it as a way to sew up the wounds because that’s what we do.

Andrew Garfield talking about how he used his work to heal himself, his grief around losing his mother is so real and understandable that it moves you to tears. Plus the fact that he was not afraid of crying publicly, of expressing himself about this is a sheer sign of strength and the eternal love he has for his mother. 


Of course the internet had a thing or two to say about this as well, many people quoted the actor and pointed out the wisdom in his words. The wisdom in processing grief and just how important it is to do that.

You can watch the segment of the show here as well.

What a wonderful perspective on loss, grief and love!