We found this video on the internet. According to its title, it’s a “Lahori version” of Yo Yo Honey Singh’s popular song “Sunny Sunny” from the movie Yaariyan. This one’s called “Jaani Jaani.” Check it out. It’s the most WTF thing you’ll see today.


We wanted to ask Yo Yo Honey Singh what he thought about this video. But because we couldn’t get a hold of him on such short notice, all we could do was imagine his reactions to his song’s barbaric brutalization.

1. Mr. Yo Yo, have you heard about this video?


2. This dude here totally ripped off “Sunny Sunny.”

3. Yeah. They pretty much ruined it.

4. Even the dirty dancing is like super lame. No class at all.

5. You look a little pissed. Wait till you see this.

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