All eyes are glued on Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja, the oh-so-adorable couple who have tied the knot today. Both look great in their traditional Punjabi avatar.

We expected Sonam and her family to bring their A-game to the shaadi, but one person deserves a special mention that is Anil Kapoor, father of the bride.

Do you see a 61-year-old man here? Coz I don’t.

The crowd loves him, and we do too!

Me: “Put your hands up in the air if you’re above 60 and awesome.” Anil Kapoor:

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So much swag. Much wow.

Punjabi Munde Paun Bhangra….

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Anil Kapoor is your cool uncle whose Boomerangs are way better than yours.

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The brightest star among ’em all.

Living it up at #SonamKiShaadi

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I wish I have half the energy right now as this man has in his sixties.