It’s no news that Anil Kapoor is the real-life desi Benjamin Button of Bollywood, I mean he’s obviously this age-defying Greek god who’s chugged the entire secret fountain of youth. 


Maybe he has secretly acquired Doctor Strange’s time stone because he’s managed to beat the clock and defy time. He hasn’t aged even a day since my childhood.  


I was scrolling through my Insta, I bumped into a series of pictures Anil Kapoor had recently uploaded and I couldn’t help but admire and adore how much he loves himself. 

I mean to prove that he doesn’t have only one “good side” and loves all of his sides equally, he uploaded a picture from every angle in his killer ‘Delhi winter’ look. 


I mean as a person who’s struggled with low self-esteem in the past, Anil Kapoor is giving me major self-love goals. I can’t stop gushing over how boldly and unapologetically he loves his perfect self. 


Anill Kapoor has taught a very important life lesson to the people from my generation who take one gazillion pictures and only choose to upload the one where their power pose is intact and their “good side” is sunkissed.


People who like themselves chose one picture to post, people who love themselves upload as many pictures as the Instagram carousel allows. 


Well, I don’t know about y’all but every time I look at this handsome hunk and his boldness, he inspires me to love myself a little more than I do. Anil Kapoor is quite literally the epitome of self-love for this generation. 


Netizens are all eyes and ears for  Anil Kapoor and his love for himself: 

I don’t know about you all but someday I really wish to love myself as much as Anil Kapoor loves himself. It’s literally my self love goal.