Things have to have really gone south when you realise that you’re out of shows to watch on Netflix. And with all the extra time on our hands thanks to quarantine, we have nothing better to do than to eat our way through our entire Netflix wish list. 

To make it easier for you, here is a list of my top animated shows that I dearly love! 

1. South Park 

You’re in for a roller coaster ride if you think a bunch of 11-year-olds are not capable of wrecking havoc. The dark humour and the sheer criticism of literally every situation possible will blow your mind. South Park leaves no stone unturned to make you question your morality and the things that you stand for. 

2. Bojack Horseman 

There is only one way to describe this Emmy-nominated show: Postmodern Cynicism. This show deals with a number of issues that this generation faces, by making them look less relatable with some anthropomorphic characters. The life of “Hollywoo” will surely make you a little more cynical than usual. 

3. Paradise P.D. 

This animated show has everything that a satirist likes, abusive police officers, a drug addict dog and some age-old sexism and misogyny. Paradise P.D. will make you laugh, and question your morals at the same time.  

4. F is for Family 

This show is the embodiment of the American Dream gone wrong. It is full of living room drama and might bring back some repressed childhood memories of a dysfunctional family. Eh, but who’s to say?  

5. Love, Death and Robots 

This animated version of Black Mirror will take your mind off from the morose reality that we live. It forces you think, and reflect on the different ways with which we can screw up our`future. You might want to avoid watching this series in front of kids.  

6. Archer 

If you’re looking for some animated spy action, on-spot punch lines, and some 007 style spying action, then don’t watch Archer. Archer is what happens when an overgrown child thinks that their life is a 007 movie. And yes it’s hilarious. 

7. Disenchantment 

This brainchild of Matt Groening, who created shows like the Simpsons and Futurama, will take you to the fantastical medieval adventures of a trio that tackles every problem with a little bit of alcohol by their side. Every. Single. Time. 

8. Final Space

This is another show that is bound to make you realise how the future can go horribly wrong. And how it takes only one person to destroy our entire universe single-handedly.

9. Rick and Morty 

If you’re expecting some good old grandpa and grandson adventure time, then, Rick and Morty is definitely not your show. The cynicism, honesty, and super weird sci-fi will screw with your heads like nothing else.   

10. Big Mouth 

If you want to feel better about your experience with puberty and how you dealt with it, then you should take a peek at our poor old Nick and Jessi’s lives.   

What are you going to start with first?