As people continue to call out the government for suppressing the right to protest and dissent, singer and songwriter Ankur Tewari has penned a powerful poem in support of anti-CAA protests.

The poem, which he shared on social media via Instagram and Twitter, is titled Woh Hum Nahin, and talks about what the current generation stands for. 

Jo mazhab ke bahaane
Aapas mein lad rahe hain
Woh hum nahin

Apno ko peeche chhod
Aage jo chal pade
Woh hum nahin

Translation: We are not the people who would fight with each other basis religion; We are not the people who will leave behind our own and walk ahead. 

Many people shared the poem on social media and supported him and the anti-CAA protests: 

You can listen to the complete poem here: 

As the protests against CAA have beautifully demonstrated, creativity and resilience have been the citizens’ salient weapons of support. And perhaps the power of art is exactly what the nation needs today.